About Us


Mechatronics, which started its operations as a result of more than twenty years of R&D and production experience ; was established to realize innovative, efficient, sustainable, solution-oriented and high quality "Engineering and Project Management".

Mechatronics aims to create solutions for the changing and developing needs of not only its customers but also the industry with its main fields of activity, “Special Machinery Manufacturing Projects, Automation Systems, Industry 4.0 Projects, Image Processing Systems, Robotic Projects” ; For this purpose, it delivers its own solutions to many different parts of the world and provides 24/7 uninterrupted technical support.

Mechatronics, which develops the most suitable technology systems for the business needs of its customers, with its management team with Industry 4.0 experience, its R&D team with passion for technology, its production staff that rapidly implements robotic solutions that appeal to many sectors ; In addition to assembly and testing machines, it quickly meets the expectations of its customers with end-of-line solutions.

Mechatronics , which stand out with their high performance, fast format change and excellent flexibility, are implemented with a customer-oriented policy and the same systematic meticulousness is applied in the new product development process from planning to implementation.

Mechatronics adopts the motto of "We say what we do and we do what we say", which is taught by more than twenty years of experience ; continues its balanced and determined growth with the vision of being a company first in its sector.